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A black surface exposed to the sun transforms the sun rays into heat equivalent to about 1000 watts per square meter (see Basic Theory for detailed information).

Simply apply this principle to heat the water of a swimming pool. In order to do this, we expose the black plastic panels installed outdoor to direct sunlight in which the swimming poll water is running. The black surface catches up the solar energy and transforms it into heat which is transferred (passed on) to the swimming pool water. Therefore the swimming pool is self heated.

Solar panels on roof. Water heater for pool (

The cold water from the swimming pool is pumped towards the panels, heated then runned back to the swimming pool. This ongoing cycle brings the water to the desired temperature. The water runs through the panels using the filter water pump.


Solar panels general setup ( 

General setup


As for the solar panels, we suggest using a ribbed corogated plastic black sheet called Coroplast. This Coroplast is a chemically inert weather-resistant material. It is abrasion and UV resistant and also lightweight. This material is among others much used in the artistic industries as for publicity panels. It is readily available at your local hardware dealers and is available in thicknesses ranging of 4mm, 6mm and 10mm.


Piping plan to heat up your pool (

Piping plan

Each panel that you build is 4 feet(122cm) by 8 feet(244cm) with a 32 square foot (or 3 square meter) surface. It has a 3500 watts (11943 btu/h) heating power.

Your solar water heater will be made of several of these panels jointed together to have a great heating power in order to heat your pool as fast as possible.

The DVD will explain you how to build your own panels so that they are efficient, weather-resistant and ready to use. Simply follow the instructions included in the DVD video.


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