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Many tests were run on black coroplast panels to establish the water heating efficiency for a swimming pool.  The main objective was to calculate the maximum power produced by a single black coroplast panel of 4 feet by 8 feet by monitoring the changes in temperatures between the inlet and the outlet while the system was running. 

Panneau solaire en coroplaste

Solar panel used for the test

Diagramme bloc du chauffe piscine solaire

We monitored the water temperature between the inlet (T1) and the water outlet (T2) using a high precision thermomiter.  Water flow was also carefully monitored during the tests.  Using an equation, we easily found the power developed by the panel in Watts or BTU.

Results were astonishing.  The tested solar panel has reached up to 3500 watts (11943 BTU/h).  

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In fact, we could say that this single coroplast panel of 4 feet by 8 feet has heated the pool water as if we had used a 3500 watts electrical element, the equivalent of conventional water tank heater or 35 electric bulbs of 100 watts each!

Un panneau solaire de coroplaste est équivalant à 3500 watts

Chauffe piscine utilisant 4 panneaux solaires

Your solar water heater will be made of several of theses panels jointed together supplying a very powerful heating capacity. 

A second series of tests consisted in linking 4 solar panels to a pool 24 feet round in diameter and to determine the elevation of temperature. The 4 solar panels used were constructed by following precisely the instructions of the video (DVD).

The result was again surprising. Indeed, the 4 solar panels have produced up to 14,000 Watts (14 kilo watts) of heat energy when the sun was at its strongest.

We therefore compared the water temperature of 2 identical 24-foot diameter pools. One was equipped with no heating while the other was equipped with 4 coroplast panels. After a day, the temperature of the pool with 4 solar panels was above 10 degrees Fahrenheit!

            Piscine sans panneaux solaires  Piscine avec panneaux solaires
Panneaux solaires instalés au sol As you can see, it is possible to get very high water heating power by joining together many solar panels between them.  Imagine the speed at which your swimming pool could heat up!
Our DVD will clearly explain you, step by step, how to build your own solar panels to be as weather resistant and efficient as possible.  By assembling these panels as shown on the DVD, you will avoid many frustrations and problems.


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