USA flag for  DO IT YOURSELF!  SOLAR POOL HEATER.                 Easy to built solar panels.

DVD in French, English and Spanish.

The instructions on the video are essential to be successful in building your own solar heating system. By following THE building method presented, you will be able to rapidly make your solar panels from A to Z on first trial and with minimum investment. You will have no problems, no worries and most of all no bad surprises.

The DVD is recorded in English, French and Spanish.  NTSC format is used for North America clients and PAL for Europe one.  One the DVD menu, you will be asked to select your language.



You will meet Veronica who will build a solar panel herself while explaining you clearly each building step. You will learn how to assemble your panels together, what king of material to use, possible mistakes to be avoided, in fact all you should know to build a series of very resistant and ready-to-use panels.

Knowing how to build your own solar panels, you will be able to build more panels should you want to increase the heating power on your system or even build one for one of your friend. Remember that this type of panels could be installed at your cottage for a hot water shower or bath as well.


If you are not 100% satisfied, we'll refund you. It's GUARANTEED!



This English version DVD has been ordered by more than 5000 people in more than 11 countries. See below some of the comments from some of our customers. This DVD will be sent to you within 24 hours following your purchase.

If you were not entirely satisfied with our product, contact us and we will immediately refund you without any questions!  It’s as simple as that!


We have received hundreds of messages from happy consumers. Here are some of them:

  Luc Gaulter, (Vermont, USA) I have build 6 panels following the instructions on the DVD.  I have found these instructions very well detailed and easy to understand.  Thank's.
  Scott Montmagny, (Oxford,  England) Thank you for sharing with us your idea. I am personally very satisfied with the results ...
  Maurice LaFont, (Lyon, France) ...agréablement surpris de la rapidité de votre livraison et de la qualité de votre produit...
  Patrick Jomphe, (Toronto, Canada) I have built seven panels by following your method for our swimming pool.  The system is working marvellously.  Thank's for your professionalism.
  M. Nhor, (Saudi Arabia) We have used your system for our hotwater tank at home.  Very good idea!
  Philip Quint, (Belgique)

I have made seven panels following the instruction on your DVD. It works perfectly. Thank you for your professionalism.

  Scott Young, (Georgia, USA) The idea to use plastic panels is great.  These solar panels are easy to build and very resistant.  I thank you for always having answered our questions rapidly.


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